Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning and it went a little something like this:

Alarm goes off at 6:30am (Already pushing it) – I snooze it till 6:45am.

6:45am Drag myself out of bed and into the shower.

6:50am Four year old wakes up and comes into the bathroom, lots of questions follow, I try to tell him to be quiet as his brother is still sleeping. (Completely futile of course).

6:55am In the shower trying to rush and get the shampoo out of my hair, all the while being serenaded by my four year old singing his own rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the top of his lungs. Just as I step out of the shower I can hear my one year old talking away in his crib. At least he’s not screaming. It’s the small things.

7:00am I answer more questions, I don’t remember what they were about. Find something to wear, put it on while asking my four year old for the tenth time to start getting dressed for school.

7:05am Slap some make up on my face so I don’t look too hideous and decide that the four year old dressing himself this morning will take too long and I get him dressed amid more questions – again I don’t remember the questions, just that there were very, very many.

7:10am Head to the other room and get my one year old from his crib, head downstairs with everyone.

7:15am Rush around the kitchen: Get one year old’s bottle and get him settled, pack four year old’s lunch, while also desperately trying to get some coffee into myself. Finish the lunch, pack the backpack, made sure four year old is eating something – banana bread and an apple (it’ll do), get him milk as well.

7:25am Decide to take the coffee to go – no time to drink it now. More questions in between all of this. “No you cannot watch cartoons – we have to leave in like one minute – EAT!” – came out of my mouth about ten times.  Manage to get a protein shake ready to take for my lunch, pack up my stuff for work and hope I’m not forgetting anything. Beg my four year old to put on his shoes about ten times. He doesn’t want to go to school today. Deal with that, finally get his shoes on, pick up all the bags, have the hubby peel the screaming one year old from my leg and – we’re off! (7:35am)

7:45am We are miraculously not late to school! Get in and get four year old settled; give out four high fives, one kiss and two hugs and sneak out as soon as he’s in the classroom and has turned his back.

7:50am Back to the car and on the way to work.

Made it through another Monday morning. Until next week —  I won’t miss you.

Now with coffee downed and power at the office – it’s time to get to it!

Happy Monday morning folks! Keep that coffee close 😉

I stuck my hand in poop, how was your weekend?

Happy Monday morning people!!! (I know, a bit of an oxymoron, I’m purposefully being sarcastic since I believe it’s likely the only way I’ll make it through this day).

How was your weekend? It’s a normal Monday morning question. I’ve already been asked a few times. My answer? – Good. It was good.

The truth? It was NOT good. It was probably one of the worst weekends I’ve had in a while. But that’s not the polite way to answer the greeting, “Hey, how was your weekend?” – no one actually wants to hear details about your weekend, especially if they’re not good.  So on Monday morning, my horrible weekend just becomes a vague, “Good.” Lucky (or not) for you people who read my blog, you’re about to get the REAL answer to how my weekend went, just because I need a good vent before I can move on and tackle this new week.

I’m pretty sure I needed this sign stuck to me this past weekend:


From Thursday I was on my own as Julius traveled to Kenya for his Grandfather’s funeral. Thursday and Friday went ok – Gabriel was grumpy because he had a cold, the nights were short as he was up a lot because of being stuffed up and coughing, but we made it through till Saturday. The day Julius was supposed to get home. I knew it would be evening before he arrived so I had mentally prepared myself to get through the day alone. The day was rough. The night before both the kids had been up for over an hour coughing at separate times – in addition to Gabriel’s normal schedule of waking up twice which means I hardly slept. So now I was on my own with the kids for the third day in a row and both of them were sick and we had had a rough night with little sleep the night before. It was not looking good and  just because I needed something else to deal with – the power went off at about 9am and was out all day until early evening. I had planned to call my Mom in Canada and catch up but I lost the sim card and couldn’t find it anywhere so I wasn’t able to talk to her. Plus since I wasn’t able to charge my phone, the battery died about half way through the day. The kids were nasty all day, Gabriel wouldn’t sleep longer than half an hour at a time so I couldn’t really rest while he slept. Ezra was grumpy and not feeling good and overly sensitive because of that. I was barely holding myself together when the power finally came back and I was able to charge my phone a bit and heard from Julius. He wasn’t going to make it home that night. I was on my own for another night and into the day on Sunday. I had a bit of a meltdown, I couldn’t help it. It was like the final straw and as soon as it was pulled, I fell apart. I was so tired I just couldn’t handle anything very well anymore. I had been holding my tired self together by one little thread – Julius is coming home today. You can make it until tonight.   So I was not mentally prepared to have to do another night and day alone with two sick kids. Nothing had gone my way – I hadn’t been able to talk to my family in Canada which would have cheered me up a bit,  I hadn’t gotten any rest; each night seemed worse than the one before and now I had to do it again all alone. But I got off the phone, wiped my tears and sucked it up for the boys’ sake.

Right after that, I thought I smelled something so I picked up Gabriel and went to check his diaper – he had pooped (no problem, he’s a baby, it’s what they do) but he had pooped right up until the very edge of his diaper and so when I went to pull his diaper out to check him I stuck my hand right in the poop. Lovely. Well  I got that mess cleaned up and Gabriel into a fresh diaper, and I got Ezra some chocolate milk and then I sat down. Before I could even think one thought Ezra knocked over his milk and it spilled everywhere. A huge chocolatey mess all over the floor. So I got the mop out and cleaned up that while Ezra cried and Gabe whined. We made it through the rest of the evening somehow and I got them to bed, cleaned up the kitchen, checked in with Julius and then crashed, praying that the night would be smoother than the previous two. Just when I think I’ve taken all I can handle and this night will HAVE to be better and I’ll actually get some rest…it turns out to be the worst night yet. Both kids were up coughing again large chunks of the night and Ezra threw up at one point – all over himself and his bed and the floor. And then just to top it off both kids were WIDE awake at 6am with no chance of them going back to sleep. I think I maybe got two hours of sleep Saturday night.

Definitely felt this way over the weekend.

Definitely felt this way over the weekend.

We made it through Sunday morning and Julius got home early afternoon. We took it easy and it was actually a good day. I’m very glad he’s home. I’m still exhausted since last night wasn’t a whole lot better (except there was no puke so I guess that was an improvement) but it’s a new week so I need to leave my awful weekend behind me and look forward.

There’s my sad tale, the true answer to how my weekend was. Aren’t you glad you asked? (Oh, you didn’t ask? Sorry).

My thought exactly this morning. Happy Monday!

My thought exactly this morning. Happy Monday!

So, how was your weekend? 🙂

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