A Note To My Son On His First Day of Kindergarden

Dear Son,

The day is finally here! I never thought it would come so fast. You are starting school today. It’s your very first day of Kindergarden. Or as they call it where we are, Reception. So today, on your first day there are a few things I want you to know.

You are ready for this! 

You have been preparing for this day for the last 4.5 years. You have been playing and learning and growing and it’s all gotten you here – to your first day of school. You love to learn and to ask questions and to play and so I know you will have a blast. You may feel a little nervous and that’s OK – it’s a big step; a big change, but trust me, you are ready and you will love it!

You are unique and so is everyone else you will meet.

There is no one – absolutely no one who is exactly like you! You’re on of a kind and that is really special. Everybody is different and that is a good thing because it keeps life exciting. You will have kids in your class who look different than you, who come from different places than you and who see the world around them differently. But the great thing is – none of that matters when it comes to making friends. You can be friends with anyone. You can play together and learn together even if they’re different from you.

You will make some amazing friends!

You’re about to meet some wonderful people who will become your friends. You will just click with them and love to play with them and want to do all the activities in class together. This is an amazing part about starting school – friends!

You will have bad days.

Some days might not be so great. Everyone has bad days. Maybe someone will hurt you or say something mean. Or maybe you will feel tried and grumpy and not feel like participating as normal. It’s ok. Tomorrow will be better. Always remember tomorrow.

You will have amazingly awesome days!

The good news is – you will have way more GREAT days than bad days. School is a fun and exciting place. You will get to learn about so many things and get to play with your friends. You will get to draw pictures and make crafts and paint. You will get to play sports and play outside and explore.  You will have so much fun!

You will learn so much.

I can’t wait for you to come home each day and tell me everything you’ve learned. Colours, numbers, letters, words, shapes – there’s so much to learn. So many questions to answer and I’m so excited for you as you begin this journey of discovery.

I will miss you. 

It’s true. I will definitely miss my little boy. I already miss you when I go to the office, but I will miss you in a different kind of way when I know you’re at school and not at home all day. I will worry a little because that’s just what moms do, but mostly I will be happy for you and excited to see you at the end of each day.

I am so proud of you. Every day. 

Please remember this if nothing else – I am always, always proud of you. You are my blessing and you make me happy every day. I am proud of you no matter what. Good days and bad, happy moments and sad; I am so so proud of the little boy you are.

P.S. I love you, so so much! 

First day of School pic with the parents!

First day of School pic with the parents!

Our big boy! Ready to go!

Our big boy! Ready to go!

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