Whole30 – One Week Down!

Hello Everyone!

As some of you might know I decided to try the Whole30 again for this month as I felt my eating habits had become out of control and I just had no discipline anymore. I have finished 7 days now and… I’m still alive! ­čśŤ It’s not been easy but I am already starting to see some benefits which encourage me to continue to the end.

I have to admit I have been VERY tired for most of this first week. I have been trying very hard to go to bed earlier and to drink lots of water – which for the most part I have been doing well. I think it’s the only reason I’ve been able to push through the fatigue.

Julius and I have been going for walks for the last 4 mornings. We wake up at 5:50am (I know, it’s crazy!) and walk from about 6-6:30 or 6:40am. This is so I can still get home in┬átime to get myself and Ezra ready so I can drop him at school for 7:40 am and then head into the office. While I still HATE getting up that early and it’s a struggle, I do feel better after making myself do it. There’s something about being outside, getting fresh air that early in the morning, before things get too busy. I also like getting it out of the way. I’m hoping to add in some more exercise a few evenings a week, but I’ve been too tired so far and have just been focusing on getting enough sleep. I’ve been getting to bed before 10pm so I can wake up to walk in the mornings.

While I will admit there are times I just feel like snacking or eating something sweet or salty – I am not really very hungry. I’m eating 3 full meals and maybe one snack a day and I find them quite filling. It is difficult preparing dinner for my family and then at least part of it separately for myself, but we’re managing.

My favourite Whole30 foods so far are avocado (which I already loved, but now love even more), sweet potato (which I never ate much of before, but really like now), ghee (I cook everything in it and quite like it), and coconut milk (which I am finding so many ways to use). I fear food boredom will set in eventually, but I am trying to do my best to eat a variety of foods, to try new recipes and just to pace myself. Even if I ate the same thing for next 23 days — the truth is I would survive. ­čśë So that’s what I keep telling myself. I can do anything for 30 days.

I also found a way to drink my coffee on Whole30 which I actually quite like. (I tried to do no coffee, but the fatigue won…then I tried to do coffee black and while I can drink it – more like down it like medicine- I don’t enjoy it black). So this morning I blended black coffee, coconut milk and two table spoons of my all natural protein mix vanilla with ice, then drank it over ice as well as an iced coffee. ­čÖé

All in all I am heading into week 2 still enthusiastic and excited to see more of the benefits that Whole30 has to offer.

That Tricky Tricky Comfort Zone…Time to Break Out


The comfort zone. It’s a beautiful place, isn’t it? You feel great, there’s minimal or no pain, you know what to expect, you breathe easy. But the problem is it’s also the place where you don’t grow. You don’t become any better and truth be told – it can get a little boring if we’re being honest.

That constant tug of war: I want to be comfortable (it’s nice, it’s cozy, I feel safe) but at the same time I don’t want to get too comfortable (because I know I won’t become the best that I can be). It’s a tricky battle this one. On some level you long for the security and constant of the comfort zone, but on another level you know you want excitement, challenge and adventure – which means you have to break out of your comfort bubble. Nothing exciting happens in there. Nothing. You know exactly what happens in there, which means there’s no risk, which means it’s not exciting.

There real truth of it is we’re not ever supposed to feel that comfortable here. This (the earth – wherever you happen to live on it) is not home. It’s temporary; it won’t last. Heaven is our home and until we’re there, we’ll never fit in perfectly and we’ll never be perfectly comfortable.

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Saviour from there, the Lord Jesus Christ…”

~Philippians 3:20~

I have to remind myself of this truth sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed and longing for steadiness; a constant; my comfort zone. The only constant is change – cliche or not it’s just the truth. And wouldn’t your life be pretty boring without it? I know deep down that I have the amazing life I do because at each step of the way I found a way to embrace change. To roll with it. To adapt. And when I did that? – I grew. I learned and I became better in some way.

Most of the time change is not easy. It’s a natural human tendency to run for that comfort zone and hunker down, but if you can resist the urge and force yourself to step out into the unknown you open yourself up for whole lot of amazing experiences. You also open yourself up for hurt, I’m not overlooking that. But even in those situations you’re still growing; you’re still learning and becoming better. You can’t avoid hurt even in your comfort zone, but you will lose out on the possible joy that is just outside of that bubble if you give into your ‘hunker down’ human self.

I feel like I’m out of my comfort zone in most areas of my life right now…

I have to send my little boy to school every day and trust other people to keep him safe and trust that he will do well.

I have to leave my second little boy at home in the care of someone else (who is amazing, but who is not me). 

I have to constantly be learning and changing and adapting the way I do things at work; looking for what works best.

I am pushing myself to get healthier – waking up before sunrise to get my workouts in (which believe me is WAY outside of my comfort zone!)

I am stretching myself as I get back into studying and finishing my school after about 6 years of no school – it’s an adjustment for sure!┬á

I am always trying to stretch and grow myself as a wife and as a mom so I can be the best I can at each of those roles without sacrificing the other. 

As challenging as some of those things are for me, I’m choosing to do them because I know they make me better. Now, don’t ask me how I feel about it at 5:50 am when my alarm goes off to workout. ­čśŤ

Hope you have a very uncomfortable day ­čśë

You’ve Always Been Beautiful


I love this quote. I feel like it’s such a good reminder for all of us who are trying to improve ourselves – whether it’s fitness, our eating habits, breaking other bad habits, our education – or anything else – You’ve always been beautiful. Inside and out. Just because you want to make some changes; some improvements doesn’t mean you’re not good enough already – it just means like with anything in life – we can always improve. We need to challenge ourselves to become the best version of us we can be.

But while you’re working on those goals – just remember, you’ve always been beautiful. Period. And you always will be.

Blessings to you today as you do what you do to make an even better YOU.

Transition Time (Again)

Sometimes it feels like my whole life is one big transition – meaning they’re just never ending. I keep thinking – once we get through this transition we’ll be able to settle a bit…NOPE. BAM another transition. I should just expect it at this point!

We are coming up on our one year anniversary in Mwanza. It has been a year of much change and transition to say the least. When we came our sons were 3.5 years and 5.5 months…now they are 4.5 (and about ready to start Kindergarden!) and 16 months (keeping us very busy!) We had to learn a whole new place, new roles for both of us at work, adjust to both working full time, and host crazy amounts of people in between all of that. But we made it. Coming up on the one year mark here I think I can safely say – while it has not been without its challenges – we have thoroughly enjoyed this transition. You see not every transition is bad. Most are difficult in some way – I’ll give you that, but not all bad. I have definitely had my moments of being overwhelmed in the last year trying to adjust to it all and keep some level of my sanity, but I have also had some of the best times of my life and surprisingly felt the most settled I’ve probably ever felt since we’ve been married.

So here I am ending one transition, our first year here and on the brink of several more…

In less than two weeks my baby boy (the first one) officially starts kindergarden. I can’t believe we’re here already. This will be a big transition for him but also for us and the beginning of a new phase as he starts his education journey.

We are also getting back to the books from next week. Julius has two courses to complete through Global Uni and I am starting to chip away at my degree again (two kids later). This will obviously change our routine and add more to our plates but at the same time we feel ready and settled and that there is no better time than NOW.

I am also getting back on track and continuing my journey to get healthier. One day at a time.

The truth is transition will always be there. Change is a part of life. If you’re waiting for it to slow down…you might be waiting a while! So why not embrace it, and see how God is working all of these changes around you to create something beautiful inside you.


Happy Juggling ­čśë

Bored VS. Hungry (The On-going Battle)

Me. Every Day.

Me. Every Day.

“You are not hungry. You are bored. You don’t need to eat anything right now.” This is my mantra of late. It’s on on-going battle for me – am I eating because I’m actually hungry or just for something to do?

I am definitely a mindless eater as well as an emotional eater. It’s easy for me to eat without really thinking about what I’m putting into my mouth – until it’s too late! Or to eat because I’m upset – it’s called comfort food. But I’m working on changing that. I’ve started recording everything I put into my mouth. Everything. I am currently using the app My Fitness Pal which I find really easy and convenient since I always have my phone with me no matter where I go. It’s quick and it doesn’t take long to record meals. The best part is the app keeps track of everything for me – calories, nutrition, water intake, exercise etc. I am also learning to ask myself important questions before eating…

“Are you actually hungry?” – I know it seems like an obvious question but if you’ve ever struggled with your weight and your relationship with food – you know it’s just not that easy.

“Are you maybe thirsty instead of hungry?” I’m learning to try drinking something first as sometimes I think I mistake hunger for thirst and I know drinking enough water is a big part of healthy weight loss.

“Are you just craving something?” Cravings are real people and they’re not just for when you’re pregnant!

“If you conclude you are actually hungry and need to eat something, what healthy choice can you make?” Just the fact of intentionally thinking about what I’m going to eat helps me make better choices. The more I plan and think about what I’m going to eat ahead of time, the better I do.

Do you have any tips for making healthy eating choices? I welcome all the help I can get on this journey! ­čÖé

Happy (and healthy) eating!

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