Entering Toddler-dom … Again

I can’t really say I have a toddler and a baby anymore. I have a kid and a toddler now. They’re growing up faster than I can handle. Days are just flying by – every day they can do something new. They’re both learning two languages – English and Swahili and nearly every day at least one of them says something I had no idea they knew how to say. It’s crazy and mind-blowing. I can hardly deal with the fact that I have a KID now! Not a toddler anymore …he’s almost 4 and a half and starts school in just over a month! 😦 And I’m quickly realising I don’t have a baby anymore in my youngest…it’s happening – he’s entering toddler-dom.

Toddlers are very interesting little people. Personalities are forming, likes and dislikes are very apparent (they make sure you know), and they’re in discovery mode ALL. THE. TIME. They want their little (or loud) voices to be heard all the time, even if they can’t really say much yet – you should be able to understand what they want from various whines and grunts and pointing. It’s a difficult thing I would think – knowing what you want but not being able to make those crazy adults in your life understand. At this point the temper tantrums make their entrance. Small at first – a single scream of frustration but before you know it your toddler is lying on the floor screaming uncontrollably. They don’t want to be pick up but don’t you dare just leave them there on the ground! All of this because you took them off their older brother’s bicycle which they can’t ride anyways. Oh the joys. The parenting joys. It’s all part of the ride. These moments are when you need to say to yourself:


This too shall pass – faster than you could ever imagine. I remember my now-kid throwing temper tantrums – and while he still does have the odd break down (he’s only four) for the most part he’s outgrown that phase (and entered the constant question asking phase). It goes by too fast. Period. That’s what I try to remind myself when my new toddler is having a freak out of epic proportions on my kitchen floor. Soon he’ll be running off to school with his big bro and I’ll be the one crying in my empty, quiet kitchen.

Counting My Blessings

Today there is no power at the office, so I stayed for a while, met with some guests, did what I could and when it was apparent that it’s probably not coming back today – I decided to come home and work from there for the afternoon. Thankfully there is power here – and as I’m settling down to get some work done I find myself in a reflective sort of mood. Thankful. At peace. Blessed.

It’s a really good practice – to count your blessings one by one. We say it a lot – but actually sit down and do it – even write them down. It’s a really easy way to re-prioiritize and get back to that thankful place. The truth is all of us have things to be thankful for. There’s always something. And all those little things really add up when you start counting them.

I started to count some of my blessings, big and small – these are the ones that popped into my head just now but there are so many.

An amazing and loving husband who is coming back home tonight!

My beautiful boys who mean the world to me

Work that I enjoy and that fulfils me – I truly get to do what I love 

The beautiful home we get to live in

Friends (that are always there no matter how far apart we are)

Being able to meet so many people from so many different walks of life



Lots of Joy

A supportive and loving extended family on both sides

A visit from my parents, grandpa, brother and brother’s girlfriend in less than two weeks! (SO excited about this one!)

Re-discovering hot chocolate with a mint tea bag  – ’cause it’s the little things! (Go try it right now!)


I am truly grateful for this life I have. What a gift. So give it a try – count those blessings and have a wonderful day! 🙂

Bored VS. Hungry (The On-going Battle)

Me. Every Day.

Me. Every Day.

“You are not hungry. You are bored. You don’t need to eat anything right now.” This is my mantra of late. It’s on on-going battle for me – am I eating because I’m actually hungry or just for something to do?

I am definitely a mindless eater as well as an emotional eater. It’s easy for me to eat without really thinking about what I’m putting into my mouth – until it’s too late! Or to eat because I’m upset – it’s called comfort food. But I’m working on changing that. I’ve started recording everything I put into my mouth. Everything. I am currently using the app My Fitness Pal which I find really easy and convenient since I always have my phone with me no matter where I go. It’s quick and it doesn’t take long to record meals. The best part is the app keeps track of everything for me – calories, nutrition, water intake, exercise etc. I am also learning to ask myself important questions before eating…

“Are you actually hungry?” – I know it seems like an obvious question but if you’ve ever struggled with your weight and your relationship with food – you know it’s just not that easy.

“Are you maybe thirsty instead of hungry?” I’m learning to try drinking something first as sometimes I think I mistake hunger for thirst and I know drinking enough water is a big part of healthy weight loss.

“Are you just craving something?” Cravings are real people and they’re not just for when you’re pregnant!

“If you conclude you are actually hungry and need to eat something, what healthy choice can you make?” Just the fact of intentionally thinking about what I’m going to eat helps me make better choices. The more I plan and think about what I’m going to eat ahead of time, the better I do.

Do you have any tips for making healthy eating choices? I welcome all the help I can get on this journey! 🙂

Happy (and healthy) eating!

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