Our lives are full of a lot of Goodbyes. We’re always leaving one side of the world and saying goodbye while we travel to the other side of the world to say Hello. Even when we’re not the ones leaving other people are constantly coming into and out of our lives. It’s the life we chose; the life God called us to and we don’t regret it – but it never gets any easier to say goodbye. You’d think when you’ve done something so many times it would get easier and easier but Goodbyes don’t work that way. If anything they get harder! This is where we must rely on God’s grace, trust him and thank him for bringing certain people into our lives for each season.

This past season of transition has brought many new people into our lives and it’s been amazing. So many new friends and new colleagues. There is one special lady who falls into both of these categories; friend and colleague.


Sandie, who has worked at Village of Hope for several years before we came, came back to help us transition and to train me in all things administrative at the Village. Boy are we glad she came back! Let me just say I’m sure we would have made it but it would have been a much rougher journey without her! She has been a huge help, answered so many questions, given us the background and history we needed to know, and she has just been plain wonderful to work with. She is more than just a colleague; she is our neighbour and has become a great friend.

Tomorrow is her last day in Mwanza as she returns home to Canada early Sunday morning. Another goodbye. This won’t be an easy one either.

Sandie you will be missed by so many people, including us. We appreciate your work ethic, compassion and cheerful attitude. You have been amazing to work with and even more than that you have been a wonderful friend – one we hope to keep! You won’t get rid of us that easily, so expect to hear from us. 🙂 As you prepare to leave we want to say thank you! Thank you for everything – there are too many things to count. You are always welcome in Mwanza, at the Village and at home. We hope and pray you will be back at least for a visit. You have definitely made your mark here Sandie. Thank you for being obedient to God’s calling on your life – because of that He has used you to touch many lives here, including ours. We know God has many amazing plans for you yet – wherever He leads you. Trust Him always. Much love! xoxo

I don’t like goodbyes. But my life is full of them so I have to look for ways to cope. I prefer “See you Later’s.” Much less final. So tomorrow I will say another “See you later!” and I truly hope and pray it comes to pass.

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