Life With Boys – Help, I’m Surrounded!

It’s just me. I’m all my myself. The only girl in my house. I have two little boys and one big boy (AKA my husband).  My house is filled with cars, trains, trucks, noise and dirt. My most watched TV shows include: Bob the Builder, Cars (the movie) and Thomas the Train. I don’t do many girly things, instead I play cars (or more accurately crash them and make exploding noises), clean up pee from the bathroom floor (or the couch as it happens this morning, while I was changing my youngest and left him uncovered for a matter of seconds) and put down the toilet seat. And I love it. Life with boys is certainly never boring…or quiet. 😉 (I’m convinced boys do not have “inside voices”).

My boys are still young and so of course I’m still learning every day new things about having boys. But so far I have learned a few things along the way that have saved me a lot of worrying and stress. (Once I’ve accepted them).

Life with boys is rough.

Band-aids are a must!

Band-aids are a must! (photo credit:

It’s all about how FAST they can go – with their eyes closed – on one leg. I’ve learned to expect injuries and not get too too worried (unless of course they’re really serious). I’ve learned not to make a big deal when they hurt themselves as most of the time they’re watching for your reaction before they decide how badly they’re hurt and how much they’ll cry. If you play it low-key and just say, “You’re OK. Brush it off!”  9/10 times they’ll do just that. And while I still say “Be Careful!” several times a day, it’s now just become more of a habit – I know they won’t really be careful, but I just want to say it so when they hurt themselves, I can say, “Well I told you to be careful and this is why.” 🙂 (This includes my hubby by the way who is a big kid and a big risk taker).

Life with boys is messy. 

(Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:

Boys are like little tornadoes (who become big ones when they grow up). They blow through the house at crazy speeds and leave wreckage in a trail behind them. They don’t do anything slowly or quietly or carefully. It’s all about speed, volume and excitement. There is no point in trying to change this. It’s part of who they are. And the sooner I accepted this, the less stressed I was about all the ‘wreckage.’

Life with boys is all about competition. Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is a competition for a boy. (Young and old). Even if it’s not initially a competition – it will become one. And I’ve learned they actually respond better and cooperate more when you make things a competition. “I bet you can’t beat me up the stairs for a shower!” It works. Trust me. If you have a boy, get used to using this line, “I bet you can’t…..” (fill in the blank, with anything and everything).

Life with boys is entertaining.

My oldest and myself being silly

My oldest and myself being silly

 They are constantly trying out new things, being silly and goofing around. Now while I’ll admit sometimes this can be annoying, frustrating and tiring – it is also usually quite entertaining. I laugh a lot and that’s a good thing.

Life with boys is very open and free…(and what I mean by this is that they like to be naked whenever possible). 

Our youngest chillin' in his diaper :)

Our youngest chillin’ in his diaper 🙂

My family used to make fun because every time we would Skype my oldest would never being wearing pants. Thats’ just how it was. I get them dressed when we leave the house, ok?

Life with boys is slightly disgusting at times.  Boys can be gross, it’s just a fact. For some reason they find disgusting things interesting and endlessly amusing. Farting is ALWAYS funny, case in point. And this starts from a VERY young age, before they can even speak. They like dirt and making a mess. They like playing with their food, they like anything that explodes and they like talking about poop (and all other bathroom talk).

Life with boys is an adventure.

My husband getting some exercise and entertaining our son at the same time.

My husband getting some exercise and entertaining our son at the same time.

It is never boring or mundane. It is fun and full of life and discovery. I love being a mom to boys. It certainly has its challenging moments (that’s true of motherhood in general) but the good out-weighs the bad by far.


We laugh, a lot.

We laugh, a lot.

I’m outnumbered in my house and while sometimes I do just wish for another girl to share some girly things with, I am extremely happy and quite enjoy all that comes along with life with my boys.  🙂




3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Oct 22, 2014 @ 12:39:34

    It must be quite an experience to be the only girl in the house. It is amazing, how much we can learn, as parents, by just watching our young ones grow! The joys of a mother obviously outweigh her tribulations in dealing with the mess that her boys (including the big one) leave in their wake when they go on rampage in the house.


  2. Kathy Bousquet
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 14:26:13

    Jade, you write REALLY well…I love reading your blogs! You are blessed with three handsome young men! And they are more than blessed to have you!


  3. kmizen
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 16:35:30

    Love this!!! So cute. A life of adventure that’s for sure.


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