Ready for a Reunion

In exactly one week from today I will finally be reuniting with my husband! (You actually have no idea how excited I am – I feel like this might be the longest week of my life).

We have been apart (VERY far apart), doing a “long-distance marriage” type of deal for 6 weeks now. As many of you know we live in Tanzania however I traveled back to Canada 6 weeks ago because we are expecting our second baby at the beginning of April. My Hubby however did not travel with us (our three-year-old and myself) – he stayed back to wrap things up and then headed to Kenya to make arrangements for he and one of his brothers to travel to India for medical treatment (for his brother).

I am very happy to report that his brother is doing well, recovering amazingly from a 9 hour spinal surgery to remove a tumour – we thank God for everything going so smoothly. God is faithful and He has been good to us.

At the same time it’s been long enough -and I am MORE than ready to have my husband back on this side of the world. Let me just say I am so proud of who he is and how he has cared for his brother and the example that he is to his whole family – and really anyone who knows him. He’s an amazing man (I’m not biased at all…). Of course, selfishly I still want him back with me! I need him too! We have a three-year-old boy as I mentioned and I’m getting about ready to pop with our second boy due in just over 4 weeks time. At least now I am able to let out a sigh of relief because his flight is booked and he will be with me in ONE WEEK!

We will have done 7 weeks apart. I know many people do much longer – and we even did way longer when we were dating (9 months at one point!), but since we have been married this is the longest we have ever been apart, so it’s been challenging. Absence definitely does make the heart grow fonder and as hard as it has been I know we are stronger for it and we will hopefully appreciate each other that much more when we are reunited.

I will say one thing, my respect for single parents has sky-rocketed! I’ve only had to do it for a few weeks plus I’ve had the help of my amazing mom and it is still no easy feat! If you are a single parent I really admire you and possibly now have gotten a glimpse into what your daily reality is like. You definitely don’t get enough recognition.

My little guy really misses his Daddy and I’m excited that he will get to have some much-needed “Daddy-time” very soon…right before our lives get a little crazier and we add another little boy to our clan! 🙂 FUN, FUN, FUN!


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    Mar 09, 2014 @ 07:55:37

    Great piece there siz. You honestly poured out your heart till you almost made me feel guilty for taking your loving husband away from you for such a long time! I must attest to the fact that you have a very wonderful husband. Since my surgery, he has taken great care of me and I doubt whether anybody could have done it any better than him.
    I have always respected and loved Julius as a younger bro but now I simply adore him. He has been a great blessing in my life and I am sure that it was God’s plan for us to be in India at such a time and under the current circumstances. We haven’t spent a lot of time together since we became independent adults. The last month or so is easily the longest time that the two of us have been consistently
    We have had a lot of “boys only” time and lots of man talk. we have learnt a lot from each other. He has really inspired me by teaching me the word of God and encouraging me to remain steadfast in my newfound faith. We have also had a wonderful time inspite of the surgery. The circmstances have brought the best out of us by pulling us even closer and we have really bonded as brothers like never before. So you should know that your sacrifice was not in vain since this Indian experience will forever be imprinted in our memories. Cheers siz.


    Mar 09, 2014 @ 08:10:17

    Your articles are simply inspiring. It is a noble thing to share one’s experiences because they definitely touch many other people who identify with them. You seem to be in love with the written word too, something that I think we have in common. Looking forward to reading more pieces from you. Big up!


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