The Toddler Take-Over

Yesterday my toddler took over. It was a terrible toddler day.

I don’t generally have a terrible toddler. I wouldn’t label him that way. Generally speaking he’s quite a good little boy, especially for his age. He has normal moments of toddler break downs, or not listening or testing the limits but most of the time I have to say I’m quite pleased with the little boy he’s becoming. (Despite me).

Yesterday however was not a general-type day. It was a “who stole my precious little boy and replaced him with this crazy, screaming, temper tantrum-throwing child!?!” It is a day I would like to just forget about but I am reminded by just how exhausted I feel today.

But then this morning he woke up and was his cheerful smiley self again, just like nothing ever happened. (I was a little worse for the wear).

Toddlers are funny little creatures. I don’t fully understand them (if I did I think I’d have far fewer moments of wanting to rip the hair out of my own head). Their emotions change at the drop of a hat; they can literally be laughing one (forget minute) – SECOND – and screaming and crying the very next for no apparent or discernible reason. They are learning to speak and can actually communicate a lot of things, but still much of the time choose to cry or whine or scream to get your attention.They get tired but they fight it at all costs. They ask approximately one million questions per day. Instant gratification is all they know or understand and it’s very hard teaching them to wait and be patient for anything. If you ignore them they will keep getting louder and louder and louder – until you acknowledge them.

But for all the tiring and annoying and frustrating things about toddlers – there are some good things too…

Their laugh is infectious (sometimes even when you’re trying to discipline them)! They say wildly amusing things on a daily basis. They are entertaining – dancing, singing, playing. They are constantly discovering new things, constantly learning and growing. The “I love you Mommy’s” (especially the voluntary ones) make your heart melt every time. The hugs and kisses (even wet ones). And just the fact that you know ALL of this won’t last so you better enjoy it while they’re small.

And that is what is comes down to for me. Even when I have days like yesterday when everything feels like a lost cause with Ezra – I am always aware that it will end. Soon he will be big. He will be off to school all day, every day. Soon he won’t want to hand out hugs and kisses so quickly. So I need to embrace the moment we’re in – tantrums and all. The good with the bad, because I know all too soon it will be over and I’ll just be left with an (hopefully) amazing young man and the memories.

What are some of your Toddler stories – Funny and not so funny?


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  1. Tonya Carlson
    Nov 07, 2013 @ 02:36:58

    I totally understand this post. I’m remembering daily with all the back talk thy they are only young once and soon they are going to be off with their friends instead of driving me crazy and I’m going to miss it


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