Parenting and Puke (This might be a tad gross)

So yesterday I spent a good portion of my morning cleaning up my kid’s puke. It wasn’t the start I had anticipated for my morning…but what are you going to do. Cleaning up the puke is just one of the disgusting things you have to do once you become a parent. I already have a lot of experience in this area (even though I only have one son, he was an incredibly pukey baby; he spit up every 10 minutes, literally for the first 6 months of his life). I remember have to change his outfit at least three times a day, and then I’d usually have to change at least twice as well because he would inevitably get me during the course of the day. UGH there were a few NASTY ones, I won’t re-live the gory details with you. (Be thankful). I remember being VERY thankful for the thousands (slight exaggeration) of receiving blankets I had gotten at my baby shower…before he was born I couldn’t possibly imagine why I would need SO many receiving blankets but boy was I glad I had them once he showed up on the scene!

Thankfully my puke-cleaning days became fewer and farther between as he grew a bit older but of course every once in a while he gets sick now and it’s back to the stinky nasty job of cleaning it up….and let me tell you, baby puke is one thing; kid puke is another! But what I can do?! I can’t just refuse to clean it up! So that is how my morning went yesterday. I cleaned up a lot of puke. Thankfully today he seems to be feeling better, and I’m even more thankful there has been no more puking (are you sick of that word yet?) It’s almost as gross-sounding as the actual stuff itself, which is why I use it. Vomit, throw-up, etc. just don’t convey the grossness factor quite as well I find.

Parenting changes your definition of gross. Before you’re a parent you never think of dealing with such gross situations. But once that little bundle of joy arrives, so do the explosive dirty diapers, the spit-up, the drool, the pee, the food smeared everywhere, the list goes on).

I don’t know if it’s just because they’re so darn cute, or your love for this person goes beyond what you can even explain…but somewhere along the way I became OK with all of the grossness. It’s part of the package. Even to the point of wanting to do it all over again when we have another bundle of joy. (Please note this is not a pregnancy announcement of any kind, before certain people get too excited – I’m just saying at some point we would like another, despite the puke).

I hope your day was/is good depending on what side of the world your on, and that it was/is significantly less puke-filled than mine was yesterday.

And aren’t you glad I didn’t include a picture with a post like this?! You’re welcome.

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  1. Kerry Arseneau
    May 23, 2013 @ 14:17:36

    Yes, glad no pic of the “puke” bit I am so thankful he’s feeling better. I was blessed with a first child who, even as an 18 month old would sit up to puke, I would hold the bowl and she’d ise it…wonderful!!!! Then came my 2nd daughter and she was a spitter ( every time she ate) and would violently push the bowl away and proceed to puke everywhere but the giant bowl I was following her every movement with!!!!!! Ah! Well, you are right Jade. I think our defination of “gross” changes after we become mothers.


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