May 2012 002

May 2012 003

So…I JUST got stung by a wasp. Of course this wasn’t going to be my original post for the day, since you can’t really plan (and why would you) to be stung by a wasp…but since it happened and I have a picture — you get to empathize with my pain. Stupid little things! They really pack a punch! And what I hate more, is unlike bees…wasps don’t die when they sting you…the little guy is still happily flying around!!

I was just sitting down at this cafe, minding my own business trying to plug-in my computer so I could write my originally planned blog post for the day and all of a sudden — STING! OUCH!

Right on my elbow of all the places…I’m just glad it wasn’t my face, THAT would be worse.

The good in this situation is…

1. I am not allergic and so am not currently swelling up like a balloon.
2. It could always be worse (as I mentioned…my face)
3. I was in a cafe and so they gave me some ice right away to put on the sting to keep the swelling down.
4. It’s another story to tell.
5. My hubby was here with me. (It’s always better when you have someone there to sympathize when you’re hurt).
6. Because of this stupid wasp — and because it didn’t sting my finger so I can still type — you will get to hear from me twice today, as I still plan to post my original blog for the day.

OK. I feel those are enough positives about my situation to keep my perspective right.

So before I end this post, can I just say one more time…



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Christine Davidson
    May 10, 2013 @ 16:44:16

    So Sorry hun…that looks nasty!!


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